Carcassing we stock:

  Produced from Spruce (Whitewood) logs.
  C16/C24 strength graded.
  Heavy C24 available in Full & Half packs including end stamp grading

Our product range consists of:

  Regularised Kiln-dried carcassing
  Unseasoned carcassing.

Available Stock Sizes

Regularised carcassing (finished dimensions)
Available in lengths from 2.4m to 7.8m

35 x 35mm
35 x 47mm
45 x 45mm
45 x 70
45 x 95mm
45 x 120mm
45 x 145mm
45 x 170mm
45 x 195mm
45 x 220mm
45 x 245mm
45 x 295mm
72 x 95mm
72 x 145mm
72 x 170mm
72 x 195mm
72 x 220mm
95 x 95mm
95 x 195mm

Unseasoned Carcassing
Available in lengths from 1.5m to 4.8m

22 x 75mm
22 x 100mm
22 x 150mm
22 x 175mm
22 x 200mm
22 x 225mm

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