CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard)

CLS is used primarily in timber frame home construction and for internal and partition walls. The product originated for the Canadian market – hence its name.

The CLS we stock is:

 Taken from Spruce (Whitewood).
  Graded in accordance with British Standards to either C16 or C24 grade.
  Kiln-dried, planed and finished with eased edges.
  Imported from a range of countries.

Available Stock Sizes

The following sizes are held in “C16 & Better” grade, with an option on 50 x 100/150 being brought in as “C24” only.

50 x 75 (fin. 38 x 63mm)
50 x 85 (fin. 38 x 75mm)
50 x 100 (fin. 38 x 95mm)
50 x 150 (fin. 38 x 140mm)

The following sizes are held in “C24” grade.

50 x 100 (fin. 38 x 89mm)
50 x 150 (fin. 38 x 140mm)
50 x 200 (fin. 38 x 184mm)
50 x 250 (fin. 38 x 235mm)
47 x 200 (fin. 44 x 194mm)
47 x 225 (fin. 44 x 219mm)

Main lengths for ‘standard’ CLS are 2.4m and 4.8m, though lengths ranging from 2.4m to 6.0m are available.

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