Glulam beams are produced by gluing laminates of timber together under pressure and heat.

As the raw material is precisely planed the resulting product is not only strong and stable but also aesthetically pleasing. This give it significant advantages over other structural materials.

Our Glulam beams are:

  Available in four grades (GL24, GL28, GL32, GL36).
  Manufactured from Spruce in accordance with EN 386 / EN 14080.
  Graded in accordance with EN 14081 or DIN 4074-4.
  Surfaced on four sides and chamfered.

Available Stock
Supplied in 12m lengths from our terminal:

45 x 220/245/253/300/304 mm
90 x 225/27/315/360/405/450/495 mm
115 x 115/225/270/315/360/405/450/495 mm
140 x 140/225/270/315/360/405/450/495 mm

All other bespoke requirements can be sourced including

Sizes and lengths up to 32m
Shapes/curves and finishes including machines profiles

Other engineered products including CLT (cross laminated timber), Duo/trio Laminated timber and KVH construction timber.


Product Benefits

Glulam is not only a popular choice due to its aesthetic and environmental attributes, it is also in demand due to the wide variety of uses it can be put to: from roof trusses and joists in the construction of arenas, swimming pools, schools and domestic dwellings.

Some of the many benefits of using Glulam beams include:

  Light to handle and transport.
  Economical when compared to other products such as steel and concrete.
  Due to the product’s strength it has a large load-bearing capacity; this means that large spans are achievable.
  Dimensionally stable due to the production process.
  Easy to use. Production and processing of beams can be customised to sizes and lengths as required.
  Fire resistant.
  Durable and resistant to corrosive elements.
  Aesthetically pleasing with a natural appearance (which can be altered with stains/treatments).
  Environmentally certified (PEFC Chain of Custody).
  Energy conserving. A larger amount of energy is required to produce similar structural products.
  Sound absorbing with good insulating properties.

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