We can provide Redwood direct from the sawmill to meet your required specifications in a short lead time.

Sections available include:

Side boards

19 x 100mm
19 x 125mm
19 x 150mm
25 x 100mm
25 x 125mm
25 x 150mm

Unsorted and Fifths

38 x 100mm
38 x 125mm
38 x 150mm
50 x 100mm (also in 63mm and 75mm)
50 x 125mm (also in 63mm)
50 x 150mm (also in 63mm and 75mm)
50 x 175mm (also in 63mm)
50 x 200mm (also in 63mm and 75mm)
50 x 225mm  (also in 63mm and 75mm)

Redwood is generally available from 3.0m to 5.4m with most requests being for 4.2m and longer.
All other specifications can be sourced and obtained on request.


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