Time and cost efficient treatment services


Environmentally-Safe Treatments

We offer a range of environmentally-safe treatments to protect timber from moisture and insect or fungal attack.
  Treatment services are available from all our terminal operations.
  Our treatments preserve and prolong the working life of our products.
  Some items are stocked ‘pre-treated’ to minimise lead times.
  Fire retardant treatments are now available.

Our treatments include:

Osmose Celcure AC500

We offer a high pressure treatment of Osmose Celcure AC500, for external applications, both in-ground contact and out-of-ground contact e.g timber decking, fencing, landscaping timber and other outdoor projects.

Osmose Protim E406

Our low pressure treatment of Osmose Protim E406 provides long term protection against rot and insect attack for internal timbers.


Whatever timber products you need, just get in touch. We look forward to providing the timber solutions you need.


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