Truss Material

Roof truss material has been one of our cornerstone products for a number of years.

The truss products we stock are:

  Machine strength graded TR26 truss material.
  Produced from Whitewood (Spruce).
  Kiln-dried, planed all round and packaged to length.

Available Stock Sizes

We hold a full range of TR26 sizes:

36 x 63mm
36 x 75mm
36 x 87mm
36 x 100mm
36 x 125mm
36 x 150mm
36 x 175mm
36 x 200mm
47 x 75mm
47 x 100mm
47 x 125mm
47 x 150mm
47 x 175mm
47 x 200mm
47 x 225mm

These sizes are held in lengths ranging from 2.7m up to 6.0m.

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