A commitment to the environment and sustainability


A Commitment to Sustainability

We obtain all the timber and timber products we import and sell from well-managed and sustainable resources.

FSC® and PEFC™ Certified

We source our timber from established and sustainably-managed sawmill and forest operations in Scandinavia, Europe, North America, Baltic States and Russia. To prove the environmental credentials of our supply chain, we have obtained certification under both the FSC® and PEFC™ Chain of Custody schemes.

Environmental Benefits

Timber from well-managed forests is a renewable and environmentally responsible building product. Growing trees lock away CO2 and so play a part in combating climate change. Sustainably-managed forests also provide a range of ecological, social and ethical benefits.

The location of our terminal operations help minimise the resources that have to be used to transport our products - and so add to the environmental credentials of our supply chain.

Playing Our Part

Our commitment to the environment has been in place for many years and our Chain of Custody schemes are subject to both internal and external audits on an annual basis. Management is committed to maintaining the Chain of Custody requirements under the relevant standards so that our customers can take assurance that we are playing our part to ensure that the UK timber trade is not supporting the illegal and irresponsible felling of timber.


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